Welcome to the learning laboratory.

In the learning laboratory, it is safe to innovate, try on new leadership behaviors, and connect with colleagues to reach high performance goals. Constellation Consulting designs learning experiences that are impactful and directly transferable to the workplace. Programs and workshops invite participants to change their perspectives.

Our work is experiential, engaging and driven by a philosophy of expanding comfort zones, mindsets and horizons.

Our Mission

For leaders, teams and organizations seeking to develop themselves and their people, Constellation Consulting strives to be an impactful and thoughtful provider of learning experiences. We support leaders in harnessing their energy to make a positive difference for themselves, their teams and their organizations. We cultivate personal, connected work teams that reach for the stars.

“Best workshop I’ve attended ever. Best Emotional Intelligence workshop I’ve seen or heard about…well organized, interactive, and informative.”
— Workshop participant

You can Expect:

  • A dynamic learning environment where it is safe to share new ideas.

  • A fully customized experience based on your team and organizational needs.

  • Put leadership and teaming principles into practice.

  • Have fun….with a sense of purpose!

  • To engage with your team and colleagues in new and different ways that foster connection and collaboration.

  • Learn something new about yourself and your team.

  • Our team to work in partnership with your team to custom-design your learning experience.