Constellations harness the energy of star performers to achieve more together.

Today’s work gets done in teams - co-located, virtual, matrixed, dynamic teams. Not every team achieves as much as their potential. Constellation Consulting supports teams at critical points: launching, becoming more collaborative, managing difficult conversations and conflict, and when teams are “stuck”, needing to identify new resources and adapt to change. We support teams through designing and delivering customized workshops and coaching.

Team Development Workshops

Constellation Consulting looks at the unique needs of each client and offers tailored learning experiences for each team. To help you see the possibilities for your team the following are brief descriptions of our work. Connect with us to learn more!

Effective Teaming

Working fluidly in distributed, global teams is how much of today's work gets done. Employees jump from one team project or initiative to another without really knowing how to "team" effectively. This workshop focuses on "team" as a verb with practices to launch teams; ways to pay attention to strengths, challenges and opportunities of individuals and the entire team; and means for troubleshooting common team issues.

Building High Performing Teams

The Belbin Team Roles Assessment provides participants with a lens to view themselves as team members. The model presents 9 roles that, in some combination, are necessary for high performing teams. Each team member will complete the assessment to gain an understanding of their team role strengths and behavior tendencies. Importantly, participants will gain an understanding of others with different styles and will develop best practices to work more effectively with these team members. The team will walk away with a “map” their roles to visualize their strengths and gaps.