"We are all made of star stuff"

The Autumn night air is crisp and clear. I am far away from the glow of the city, in the mountains of New Hampshire and the universe has revealed itself with luminous constellations, the banner of the Milky Way, and the alignment of three planets. Mercury, Mars and Jupiter are suspended in a brilliant line across the expansive night sky. 

Constellations are complete pictures, representing stories. All of the stars in a given constellation are needed to show the complete picture, to tell the full story. The same is true for teams. Individual “stars” cannot shine and reach their full potential without the support of others. The story of what a high performing team can achieve is not in fact “written in the stars” but rather written by team members and leaders. 

Carl Sagan once wrote, “we are all made of star stuff.” His correlation was based on an atomic level. However, Constellation Leadership is about seeking the potential – the star stuff of each person. This star stuff emerges in teams and in leaders. Our purpose is to cultivate this luminous nature in our human interactions at work.

Leadership is about aligning people towards a compelling purpose; having a clear vision and mission towards that purpose; creating an environment where the full story or full potential of the team (and its individual members) can be met; and driving to star performance.

What is the constellation story of your team? How are you aligning your team members for star performance?