Align with your North Star.

Leaders at all levels of organizations must find their North Stars. These are the values, principles and behaviors that define their work.

Developing leaders at all levels of organizations is our absolute passion. We achieve this through customized leadership development solutions designed to meet each organization’s unique needs. Our solutions are as comprehensive as multi-day, multi-year programs designed for scale as well as simpler, point of light solutions - one-day, monthly or quarterly programming.

Leadership Development Workshops

The following is a sample of full and half day workshops that can be customized for your organization.

Emotional Intelligence for Workplace Success

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is what sets apart the star performers from the average contributors; it is what defines exceptional leaders. EI is not a true "intelligence" but rather a set of skills that can be learned and developed over time. In this interactive workshop participants will gain working knowledge of the model of Emotional Intelligence (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management) as well as tools and techniques to employ in each of these four domains. Participants complete a self-assessment to gain objective measures of their Emotional Intelligence competencies, deepening their self-awareness. Based on these results, they will set goals for areas they would like to strengthen and opportunities for one-on-one coaching can be integrated.

Coaching and Mentoring for Managers

Developing people is often the most rewarding aspect of being a manager or leader and yet - these critical interpersonal skills are often not taught to new managers. They are expected to simply know how to be an impactful coach or mentor. With the awareness of various models and frameworks, managers can accelerate their skills from simply “checking the boxes” with their team to truly providing high impact and value to each individual, their team, and by extension, their organization. This workshop will center on practicing mentoring and coaching conversations, providing participants with techniques they can utilize immediately.

Holding Difficult Conversations and Giving Effective Feedback

Feedback conversations can be very challenging requiring us to summon our emotional reserves and resiliency to either provide feedback or receive feedback. This workshop will invite participants to view feedback in a different light – as a gift.  Participants will gain familiarity and comfort with the SBIR feedback model and will practice feedback conversations so they begin to feel more accessible. Teams and organizations that embody a culture of feedback have a high degree of trust and openness allowing for a free flow of ideas and innovative solutions to complex issues.